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Mishka Designs is dedicated to fulfilling your dreams and providing impeccable services:


Design Only

For couples who have a clear vision but need a touch of creative brilliance to bring it to life.


Design & Planning

Our complete package, ideal for couples who want a seamless journey from dream to reality.


Day of Coordination

For those who desire a helping hand on the big day, ensuring every detail is just right.



Allow us to adorn your celebration with nature's beauty, creating memorable and captivating floral arrangements.


Lakeside / Somers / Bigfork / Columbia Falls / Glacier / Kalispell / Whitefish

These scenic gems offer diverse settings for your wedding. Each has its own unique charm, from the tranquility of the lakeside to the majesty of the mountains.


As for travel, it's not just an option; it's a passion. If you have a destination in mind, we are here to transform it into the perfect backdrop for your dream celebration.


In the vast tapestry of Montana, my story finds its beginning. Allow me to take you on a journey to the heart of my connection with this magnificent state.


My family heritage is deeply intertwined with Montana's landscape. A wheat farm in Fort Benton, Montana, was the seed my grandfather planted—a pioneer in the area of IH equipment dealing. It's a heritage that's as rich as the golden fields he cultivated.


My journey took me to the University of Montana, where I graduated and then embarked on an adventure that meandered across the United States before leading me eventually to Mexico, where my path took an unexpected turn. For three years, I was the Lodging and Transportation Director for the Puerto Vallarta Film Festival, before diving headfirst into a world of creating unique bespoke celebrations.


More than two decades ago, I had the privilege of using my newfound talent, artistic eye, and a PASSION for crafting exceptional events. In the picturesque landscapes of Puerto Vallarta, I pioneered the title of "wedding designer," setting the stage for a remarkable journey.


2020 marked a momentous return to the Flathead Valley, bringing me closer to my parents and igniting a new chapter. I felt an irresistible pull to share the wealth of experience in design and creativity that I had garnered over the years. Montana became my canvas, and I couldn't be more excited about transforming dreams into a tangible reality.


The essence of your wedding day lies in its ability to become an experience, not just for you, but for your cherished guests. From those spontaneous, heartfelt moments to the delightful surprises I weave into each celebration, I want your personality, your flair, your unique story to shine brightly in every corner of your event.


It's a beautiful moment when your loved ones walk into your celebration, and their first words are "Wow, this is AMAZING." An even more profound moment is when they leave saying, "that was the BEST WEDDING EVER." This is the hallmark of success that we aim for with every event we create, a testament to the heart and soul we invest into each one.


My Montana Story

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